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Paul Torcasio and Luke Thornton bring a wealth of experience and a vibrant energy to the NU studios. They have lead Pilates classes and trained individual Pilates clients both internationally and locally. Combined, they bring over 30 years’ experience in one-on-one and small group personal training, Pilates and injury rehabilitation.  Their experience in practical exercise science, rehabilitative exercise and biomechanics positions them as trusted industry experts. 

Paul has a Bachelor of Exercise Science from Deakin University and specialises in corrective exercise, strength and conditioning and Pilates. Luke is an expert in injury rehabilitation and prevention, with extensive knowledge in strength and conditioning, Pilates and corrective exercise.


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Gareth’s passion for health and fitness has evolved from a love of playing many different sports since childhood and gaining a personal appreciation for how specific training techniques could improve performance on the field. A keen fitness enthusiast, he continues to keep fit these days through weight training, jogging, mountain biking, swimming and playing golf.   

Gareth holds a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science and has over 15 years of local and international personal training experience specialising in strength and conditioning.

Gareth uses knowledge of anatomy and physiology to help people set and achieve their fitness goals. “Our bodies respond best when challenged by diverse exercise styles.” He thoroughly enjoys training clients from varied backgrounds and levels, finding individualised recipes for success.


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Kate’s love for sport and fitness developed during childhood, competing in gymnastics, acrobatics, athletics and various team sports. With a Diploma in Health Science completed, travel led Kate to live and work in the United Kingdom and Europe in the fitness industry and sport and language-based Summer Camps.

Training for the London Marathon Kate developed Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome which required intense injury rehabilitation, relearning how to run. From this, a fascination with rehabilitation and corrective movement grew.

A body transformation specialist qualified as a Metabolic Nutritionist, Kate is able to deliver science-based nutrition programs. Completing Level 3 in boxing is another qualification in her personal training repertoire.  Be warned, she’s going to get you from every angle…




Ange began her journey into health and fitness doing ballet and contemporary modern dance, dancing professionally in Switzerland and Italy. Yes, she's ridiculously graceful. 

She spent 11 years traveling through Africa teaching and promoting health and fitness. A certified aerobics instructor, moving into Pilates was a natural progression. Ange has not only spent several years teaching in the fitness industry, she has also worked with physiotherapists helping to rehabilitate patients through Pilates.



All the way from San Francisco California, Natasha has always been a gym addict...but after so many years of intense weight training and competing in natural fitness competitions, she found her physical state challenged. 
"Pilates is the only thing that has fixed me, it's all about the spine!"

She definitely practices what she preaches. Natasha is certified in pregnancy, post-natal, mat Pilates, anatomy, and barre Pilates. She won't stop until she helps you achieve your fitness goals! 



Levi is a lover of movement, Pilates, strength training, yoga and anything fun and challenging.Growing up next to the beach, he is a keen surfer, understanding the need for a healthy strong body to become the happiest possible you. He lives and breathes his training and wellness approach, super serious about his nutrition his training and his surfing.



Alyssa joined the fitness industry 5 years ago as a Personal Trainer, following 30kgs of personal weightloss. Her journey into training began at 22, slowly working through multiple rehabilitations from serious injuries and progressed over the years in to a desire to help others achieve their own health and wellness goals. A Ballet and dance background of over 13 years has helped inspire her passion for movement and mobility, and she emphasises the need for quality movement and posture throughout her sessions. She has worked closely with Allied Healthcare Professionals over the past few years to assist in her clients own injury rehabilitations.

Since becoming a PT she has also worked as a Group Fitness instructor, FIFO Health and Wellness Coach; and has run other training ranging from small groups of Mums & Bubs, to large corporate bootcamps of up to 30 participants. Alyssa tailors her sessions to each individual, ensuring it is specific to their health and wellness needs. She believes in taking a holistic approach to both training and nutrition, placing importance on a balanced lifestyle. She is a certified Precision Nutrition L1 Coach, and specialises in female transformations using various techniques to help motivate her clients to reach their goals.


Renée’s discovery of the benefits of Joseph Pilates teachings began while studying dance at The Royal Academy of Dance in London. While dancing her way through Europe, her Pilates practise ensured an illustrious career.

Renée holds a Diploma in Ballet Teaching Studies at The Royal Academy of Dance in London. She is also a qualified Contemporary, Tap and Jazz teacher, holding a Certificate in Dance Education (AISTD, Tap/Jazz) with the ISTD, London.

Since returning to Australia, She has worked as a lecturer at Federation University's Performing Arts Programme and currently teaches dance at the Melbourne Academy of Performing Arts. Her students at the Academy thoroughly adore their conditioning training which includes the original Contrology series devised by Joseph Pilates.

With 20-plus years of teaching experience, Renée looks forward to imparting the joy of movement with NU Pilates clients.

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